Thursday, April 21, 2011

Korean model's death, Yuri Kim

Yuri Kim was found lying in her home. He then was taken to hospital, but his life was saved. Alleged supermodel death was due to suicide by drinking poison. However, it denied the police.

Police Gangnam, South Korea has obtained the autopsy the body of a model that has breathed his last breath at age 22 that year. Authorities also revealed the results of the autopsy. According to police, according to the autopsy, death was not suicide model.

"There are no signs of trauma or drug or the internal organs," said representatives of the police, as quoted from Koreaboo, Thursday, April 21, 2011.

The police spokesman added, born 1989 models deemed too skinny. Yuri Kim's height 177 cm while weighing only 47 kg. However, when examined whether he has a disorder or food, not visible. The fluid in the abdomen Kim Yuri including foods dicernanya not appear that she is eating very small portions. He also does not suffer from anorexia.

When police examined the future of the Korean model home, they found the sedative in his room. To find out the exact cause of death of Yuri Kim, the police requested that a model health insurance document alone live it. From the document records known to this model prescription for tranquilizers and anti-depressant.

To further gain certainty what caused the death of Yuri Kim, the police will again conduct a series of tests such as tests for illegal drugs or narcotics. This is done in order to confirm the results of the first test.

Meanwhile, Yuri Kim fans feel grief. They suspect this during the model that has a heavy burden of life. Before his death, Yuri Kim had written in his personal blog about her anxiety.

"No matter how many times I think about it ...... More than a hundred times. I'm the only person in this world," he said.


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