Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oil fires Pertamina Indonesia

Indonesia-Fire Tank 31-T2 Refinery Refinery Unit IV Cilacap, Central Java, occurred on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 4:55 pm, the fire was preceded by a loud explosion.

T 2.31 a burning tank with a capacity of 10,487 KL HOMC containing light oil (High Octane Mogas Component). The number of tanks at the complex HOMC RU IV Cilacap as many as four units with a capacity of 61,300 KL.

From the data gathered Legal, the first explosion sounded from the processing tank Avtur and there were no casualties from the fire, the cause of fires suspected to result from one of the tanks are leaking.
Fire directly handled by the fire department Pertamina RU IV. Pertamina over this incident has informed the authorities and the local community and kekurangnyamanan apologize for what happened. Community asked to not panic, because the handling of fire continued until cooling Pertamina.

Due to wind around the site, causing the tank to the right of the tank 31-T3 also caught fire at approximately 14:05 pm. Blaring loud explosion sound and make the range safe limit extended up to 1 kilometer. The tank contains a mixture to increase the octane premium.

Until now, extinguishing and prevention efforts so as not to spread to the next tank still continued effort such as the manufacture of water curtain. Already there are six fire engines were deployed to extinguish the fire. Pertamina also seeks to empty the tanks that have not burned the 31-T1 and 31-T4, the distance of each tank in the complex is about 30-40 meters.

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