Sunday, March 20, 2011

Advertising strategy of the World Blog

Advertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate persuasive information about their products. U.S. marketers spend 89 billion dollars more each year for advertising. As with consumers, industry, markets, institutions and so forth. All are designed to achieve a variety of sales goals.

All of that together with the advertising in your blog or website. We can provide advertising space to advertisers or our advertising to develop a blog or website we will use for product sales. How do we create advertising strategies in the world of blogs that can be beneficial to our business? let's review this method.

Advertising strategy on e-commerce world is a process of 5 phases. Most people know him by 5M which consists of:

1. Goal setting
2. Decisions about the budget
3. Decision message
4. establishment media
5. Evaluation of corporate campaigns.

If seen all that could be applied to how to anticipate the world of advertising strategy blog. We can define how the above to develop our business in the Internet world.

But in the world of advertising on the internet that we need is creativity. The higher we make creativity in advertising and the introduction of our products, the higher the income we earn from the advertising world of the Internet.

How the steps should be taken? I will write the next article on this blog of course.


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