Friday, March 11, 2011

Wild Indonesia by Wikileaks

Wild Indonesia by Wikileaks. Despite being a major speech in Indonesia, the issue of leaks from Wikileaks was not discussed at meetings between Vice President Boediono and Australian officials.
"Both parties recognize, leaks WikiLeaks a highly questionable accuracy is not feasible to make the relationship the two countries deteriorated," said the special staff of Vice President Yopie Hidayat in Canberra this afternoon. Wikileaks issue exploded after two major newspapers in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age contains excerpts of the United States diplomat diplomatic wire.

In a leak that appeared as two newspaper headlines that called that Yudhoyono of abuse of power, one of them by intervening in legal cases Taufik Kiemas.

According Yopie, media editorial policy in Australia, as in Indonesia, not a reflection of state policy. "So there's no reason this becomes a stumbling block Australia-Indonesia relations."

The emergence of news about the Wikileaks it happens to coincide with the visit of Vice President Boediono for five days in Australia.

After Friday prayers at the Embassy in Canberra this afternoon, Boediono suddenly gave a brief statement.

Boediono stressed that his belief in the integrity of President Yudhoyono would not be affected by the contents of leaked Wikileaks.

"The president and I have long worked together. I'm sure, the president is a person who sincerely wants to build and improve the life of the nation to continue the reforms and combating corruption."

Source : Tempo


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