Friday, March 11, 2011

Recognize and Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Pointed out every 100,000 women, there are 90 to 100 women with cervical cancer. But more worrying, is found in Indonesia every year 200,000 new cases of cervical cancer. Unlike other cancers can barely known cause, experts already know exactly main cause of cervical cancer, the human papilloma virus (HPV). In fact, based on recent research, it is known approximately 99.7% of cases of cervical cancer caused by virus activity in the category of this venereal disease.

HPV is a virus that is unique, there are unique cells of the cervix become a favorite location for breeding. This frenzied activity of HPV which in turn makes abnormal changes in cells making up the cervix into cancer cells. Sometimes HPV infection can cause disturbances in the form of warts, can be found in the cervix but also it is quite possible that wart growing on the surrounding vagina and usually causes the pain.

In phase precancerous, HPV infection causes virtually no symptoms of any complaint. It's known as the virus takes between 10 to 15 years before successfully changing the cervical cells into cancerous cells. As has been transformed into cancer cells, patients will feel the disturbance of whiteness that would not stop until the most severe bleeding.

Apparently not all HPV causes cervical cancer. In total there are over 100 types of HPV. Of the whole species, only a few high-risk types cause cervical cancer. One is the type HPV16 and HPV 18. HPV is often transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Well, if you are a woman under 21 years who have been sexually active, frequent change of partners or have sexual intercourse with a partner infected with HPV, you should start to be wary. HPV may just haunt you.

This virus could have settled in the male body. But he can not breed there. As a result, the infected men HPVtidak impaired during his lifetime.

But you may be grateful, the article of cervical cancer is the only cancer that are easily detected early. More powerful again, this cancer can be prevented. Requirements quite easily, if you belong to people who are at risk of cervical cancer, do regular pap smears.

Early examination is conducted by taking samples of the cervix is ​​considered effective to detect the presence of HPV. Not quite up there, from pap smear, the doctor also can determine the extent of HPV infection. If the known infections in precancerous phase, patients have expectations of 100% to recover.


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