Thursday, March 10, 2011

SEO google adsense

Various ways to get your blog into the top position in google search. These tips you can do with ease depending on your creativity. There are many reports of sites banned by Google and other search engines either temporarily or permanently, because of malpractice and to use 'black hat' SEO optimization techniques.

Reaction from the search engine is easy to understand - with so much deceit and plagiarism are put there by the SEO experts in their arsenal, the results displayed by search engines will be totally unrelated to the content of the website.

And this is dangerous because the risk of the website banned by Google. And if only the search engines do not detect this fraud, your competitors will report it. Here are 4 tricks that can be made illegal.

First is the Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing
Both are Doorway Pages and Hidden Text
Third is the field duplicate (Duplicate Content)
Fourth is Spam Links

To get more information about these illegal 4 tricks please view the first following. illegal tricks google adsense.


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