Thursday, March 31, 2011

Improved Stock Exchange of PT Bakrie & Brothers

Improved Stock Exchange of PT Bakrie & Brothers. PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (BNBR) posted net income amounted to Rp13, 2 trillion or an increase of nearly 72 percent when compared to the previous year Rp7, 6 trillion.

The contribution was seconded from the new business last year started the company through Bakrie Energy International, which is equal to almost Rp 5 trillion.

Business this real.

In addition, Bakrie & Brothers also managed to record all potential book loss at the end of 2010. This means, the burden of potential investment losses in 2008 that so far borne the company has realized, and it is expected will not impact on the performance of Bakrie & Brothers in 2011. This is Business.

"Therefore, I am very optimistic, 2011 in these and subsequent years, Bakrie & Brothers to demonstrate financial performance that will increase rapidly and is much better," said Bobby.

He explained that 2010 then BNBR also completed the loan repayment process with a number of creditors through the mechanism of "debt buy back. " This process is ultimately a very positive impact on decreasing position BNBR loans worth Rp 2.3 tiliun. In the process of debt repayment BNBR apply the principle of "debt to asset settlement".

"That is, lenders approved the repayment of its loan BNBR with a number of shares pledged to them or to which are owned by the Bakrie," he said.

Thus, the management succeeded in reducing the debt burden BNBR, and along with it realize its potential BNBR book losses that had been held.

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