Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tips simplify your blog listed on adsense

Easy for us to join the advertising service that gives money to our blog. One of them is adsense. Perhaps many of them think Suli to join with adsense, but do not worry, once ni are some tips that can make all of us to be able to join with adsense. You interested? please read more in order to obtain this information. Tips simplify your blog listed on adsense.

First registered for our blog adsense is making an interesting article with the English language. Why is that? because google is respect for the English-language articles and articles that attract visitors to come back to our blog. So the first step is to make as many as 10 articles in English and make the article interesting visitors with your own creativity in accordance with the theme of the blog.
Second is to always update your blog with interesting articles and of course with the English-language articles each week by posting an article scheduled timetable. The point is we have to make the schedule posted each week, either 1 day a week or 2 days a week with a consistent schedule for 1 month. consistent schedule with your post so the adsense will see consistent traffic to your blog too and certainly they will give a positive response on your blog.

The third step is to give a consistent theme with your posts on an ongoing basis.

After all that you do in 1 month, then Enroll your blog to adsense. For how to register as register adsense in general.

While waiting for a response from the submission of our blog to adsense we try to keep posting consistently scheduled and with all of your blog must be registered in adsense. Pretty easy just need SEO google adsense, consistent time and creativity.


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